Family Friendly Activities To Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Your Kids

We’ve never really been the type to go out and party on New Year’s Eve, but I do love finding fun ways to celebrate at home. Now that we have kids, we make it a point to include them in our celebrating. They have really begun looking forward to our fun family New Year’s Eve activities. If you’re wanting to stay in and celebrate as a family (or even with other families coming over), here are some ideas that have been a big hit in our house:

  1. Toast to the new year with a tasty mocktail. Our favorite is putting gummy bears in plastic champagne flutes, and filling them with sparkling apple cider or white grape juice.

2. Get some fun fireworks you can do at home (like sparklers and poppers). Always make sure to supervise children if you are letting them handle any kind of firework.

3. Set up a photobooth and have some fun taking family pictures together. We have so much fun putting up a cute backdrop and getting funny props to hold up for our pictures.

4. Get dressed up in your fanciest clothes and celebrate in style! The Roaring ‘20’s theme is HUGE right now as we are about to enter 2020. Get your best flapper dresses on and make it fun.

5. Take some time to sit down and do a little self reflection and goal setting. Teach your kids the importance of setting goals and let them fill out a fun worksheet like this here.

6. Set up an area to sit down and play your favorite games. You can even find new games to try out. Get creative and have fun with it!

7. For the kids,  have a mock countdown at an earlier time. Netflix has one,  or look up others on the Internet. I found a bunch on YouTube also!

8. Make a balloon drop and set them loose during your countdown. I found an idea years ago where you blow up a bunch of balloons and put them inside a black sheet taped to the ceiling. When it hits midnight, you just pull a corner of the sheet and the balloons fall down. So much fun!

9. Have a karaoke party and sing along to your favorite songs. If don’t have a karaoke machine, just use your imagination and sing along into your hair brush.

10. Hand out glow sticks and have a glow in the dark countdown. Turn off all the lights and just use the light from the glow sticks while you do your countdown.

11. Buy matching pajamas and have a pajama party.

12. Make confetti poppers to pop at “midnight”. Most stores have these for sale right now too, if you don’t want to make your own.

I love coming up with new, creative ways to celebrate each year. I’d love to hear if you have any of your own. Leave me a comment and let me know how you celebrate!

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