My Top 5 Fitness Tips

For this Fitness Tip Friday, I’m sharing my top 5 fitness tips for those beginning a new fitness regimen or even those who are just struggling to stay motivated. I know how difficult it can be to take that first step and get started. I was that person who had never really had a fitness regimen my whole life. I’ve also been that person who got into a fairly good routine, life happened and I fell off the wagon. So, I’d love to share a few things that have helped me when I was struggling to get back up.

  1. Identify your “why,” “what,” and “how” so you can be clear about your goals (you can even write these down). The first step is truly taking the time to figure out your why, what, and how. Why are you adding fitness and wellness into your life now? In what ways will your life be different when you have fitness in your life on a regular basis? And how are you going to include fitness into your lifestyle today, and this week? Once you know the why, what, and how, the mindset is ‘just do it.’ Nike got it right with that one.

2. Prioritize consistency over intensity. You are better off doing a 45-minute, moderate-intensity strength circuit three times per week than to do a two-hour, high-intensity workout six times a week, and then burning out in three weeks because it’s not sustainable. And remember that it takes time and consistency to build your body, but one workout can put you in a better mood. You leave it all in the gym: the annoying boss, the argument with your best friend, being stuck in traffic… It’s like you get to press reset.

3. Accept that you’ll have setbacks, and that’s OK. Be patient with yourself—you will have setbacks, and every day will not be perfect. The key is to be persistent and keep moving forward. The only thing constant in life is change, so we should be prepared to make changes to be the best version of ourselves.

4. Think of working out as an act of self-care. The journey you’re about to embark upon tends to be the road less traveled. Those mental battles are hardest to deal with in the beginning stages so stay humble, stay committed, and know that the benefits far outweigh any difficulties. Wake up every day and remind yourself that self-care in all forms is the best decision you can make.

5. Don’t compare yourself to people who are further along in their fitness journey. Be willing to look silly and make mistakes without judging yourself. Keep trying, and with every workout you’ll get better and better. Remember, the goal is progress, not perfection. And in a group environment, don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the room. While others may move seamlessly and appear to have superhuman strength, remember that they were once beginners too. Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter eleven.

Bonus: Know that results don’t happen right away, and that’s OK.

People come in with the expectation of long-term results happening fast, but people should look at fitness as a big picture and making exercise a part of their life routine. Also remember that working out is multi-faceted, and it’s the combination of healthy eating and training together that creates the best results.

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