16 Unique and Creative Valentine’s Day Dates

On Valentine’s Day, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a Netflix and takeout rut—or, worse, end up at a cheesy, overpriced, and decidedly unoriginal dinner. Whether you’re single, coupled up, or somewhere in between, ensure your V-Day is free of clichés with these non-boring ideas, below.

Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve and pretty similar. They’re both made up holidays, they’re both associated with smooching, and they both never tend to go as planned. But that’s OK, because what matters the most about V Day is that you spend it with people you love and who love you back. Having a reservation at the most romantic corner table in the fanciest restaurant is just icing on the fake-holiday cake. I know we can’t always afford to go all out, so I’ve created a few different categories to choose from, depending on your situation.

Stay at Home Date Ideas:

  1. Roast S’mores in the fire pit.
  2. Themed dinner and movie night.
  3. Watch the sunset (or sunrise).
  4. Date night in a box.
  5. Suite Retreat. Create an at home spa type basket and enjoy together.

Here are a few ideas if you are looking to go out on the town:

6. Go for a hike/picnic. Take along your favorite foods and drinks and enjoy a meal out in nature.

7. Get dessert only. This is a great idea if you’re short on time and/or money, but still want to go out.

8. Go for a progressive dinner. Get appetizers and drinks at one place, your main course at another place, then end the night with dessert at a different place.

9. Do a selfie date night. Go around town taking selfies doing your favorite activities. You are sure to document some fun memories!

10. Go test out your skills at your local shooting range. This is one of our favorite things to do on date night.

11. If you’re really looking to pamper yourselves, enjoy a spa day date. There’s nothing more relaxing than a day of pampering.

12. Book a hotel room for a night, no kids! Enjoy each other’s company without interruptions.

If you’re looking to spend the evening at home with your family, these are some great ideas to ensure a fun-filled evening:

13. Have a family dance party. Turn on some good music, turn off the lights, grab a flashlight (bonus points if you have a disco ball or light), and get moving! I promise, your kids will LOVE it!

14. Go on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Create a list of things to find around the house, or take it outside if you choose, and the winner gets a price!

15. Family dinner and a movie night. You can even let your children pick the menu and help prepare dinner. Then choose a movie to enjoy as a family.

16. Have a conversation heart dinner. Decorate the table with fun conversation hearts plates, napkins and decor, then have a heart themed dinner. Go around the table and take turns telling each other things you love about your family.

Well, there you have it! I’d love to hear what your plans are for Valentine’s Day this year and if you try out any of these ideas!